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▓ attacked with the greatest ●vigour the Chinese Imperial Guard, a●nd drove them back with loss, taking● 25 guns.This


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Bespoke UX/UI design to enhance your app's user experience. Let AppKit take care of the design so you can develop without design resources.

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AppKit provides developers with a ready-made front-end solution so you can concentrate on making your app鈥檚 back-end robust and awesome. It empowers small teams to create big things.

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Built on the popular Bootstrap framework, so the design is 鈥淢obile First鈥?and fully responsive. For a startup, building an HTML5 webapp which also works across mobile devices is the most cost-effective way to get your product off the ground.

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obtained for General Mont▓auban the title of Comte de Palikao.T●he further advance was practically unopposed.▓The Summer Palace was looted and final▓ly burned; the main gate of Pekin s▓urre

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ndered to avoid bombardm●ent. The plunder in the Summer ●Palace was immense, but the Frenc●h, less scrupulous than the Briti

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sh, began it, a●nd had the best of it. “In the room,”▓ says an eye-witness, “we proceeded t●o examine the imperial curiosit

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ies●, as we might have done those in a museum, b●ut the French officers proceede●d to ‘arracher’ everything they too▓k a fancy to, gold watches and small val▓u

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ables being thrust with amaz●ing velocity into the capacious side poc●kets

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of their voluminous red

pantaloons▓.Though the general asserted that not▓hing was to be touched till ▓Sir Hope Grant arrived, yet the ‘looting’ o●f the famous Summer Palace went on.On▓e French officer found a string of gorgeous ▓pearls, each being the size of a marble, whic▓h he afterward foolishly sold at Hong ●Kong for £3000.Others had penci▓l-cases set with pure diamonds●; others watches and vases thickly studded wit▓h pearls.” Again, “In an outhouse

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Xiaoying Riley

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two ▓carriages, presented to the ●Emperor Taon-Kwong by Lord Macartney, we▓re found;346 and such a quanti●ty of gold fell into the hands of t▓he 15th Punjaubees that one officer alone▓ got £9000.” The wilful dest●ruction of

Tom Najdek

Tomasz Najdek

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the palace was a stern necessi●ty.As Sir Garnet Wolseley, in his account of t●he war, says: “The destruction of the ●palace appears to have struck the Pekin a●uthorities with awe.It was the stamp which ga●ve an unmistakable real


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坈t in the capital itself unl▓ess they accepted our proffered terms.” Ther▓e is one incident regarding the conduct of one ▓of the brave men who fought in this campai●gn, which is worth recording.Pri▓

with 74 g●uns
平遥县 和顺县 太谷县 寿阳县 左权县 祁县 灵石县 昔阳县 介休市 晋中市